This is a complete list of variables and identifying codes that are used in the data base.

Each variable is linked to an individual variable page that provides a definition and important additional information about the variable.

Numeric code

Each variable is attributed a 7 digit numeric code (xxx,xxx.y). Inflows are xxx,xxx.1 ; outflows are xxx,xxx.2 , and net inflows are xxx,xxx.0.

The wealth variables are coded as 3xx,xxx where 2xx,xxx is the corresponding flow variable.

Alpha code

Each variable is assigned an alpha code using the following conventions (note that the meaning of a letter can vary with its place):

  • C - consumption
  • YL - labor income
  • K - capital
  • R - reallocations
  • I - investment
  • T - transfers
  • W - wealth
  • G - public (government)
  • F - private (familial)
  • I - inflows when placed at the end of the name
  • O - outflows when placed at the end of the name
  • X - other when placed at the end of the name
  • D - demographic variables

amason: (Thu Aug 11 02:40:03 2005 )

What about the work of charitable and religious organizations? How are these treated in the NTA?

I think so. I've added it to the above as

        • Transfers by charitable and religious organizations (221,130)
          • Inflows (221,130.1)
          • Outflows (221,130.2) [am]

Why are we tracking "outflows" separately for each public sector program? Aren't most of these drawn from general revenue?

I believe we want a complete description of every transfer sub-system. Hence, we do need the NTA variable for each public sector program, both inflows and outflows. I'm not sure whether we need the mean age-profile for every program. Perhaps we should add a set of variables (at the bottom, something like we will have with the population) for taxes by type of tax. [am]

Sounds good. We'll also need some way of indicating the distribution of taxes used for each program. For example, in the US I guess that public education is funded something like 75% property tax and 25% income tax. Also, are these tax rates or age profiles? I think we want age profiles. [tm]









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