NTA Time Use and Gender Workshop Hanoi

Institute for Labor, Science and Social Affairs (ILSSA), Hanoi, Vietnam, May 21-25, 2012

With financial support from IDRC through the Asian NTA study project "Intergenerational Transfers, Population Aging and Social Protection in Asia," implemented by NUPRI in collaboration with TDRI.

Facilitator: Gretchen Donehower

Note to participants - materials to bring and pre-workshop questionnaire


By the end of the week, we hope that teams will produce a first draft of production and consumption age and gender profiles for both market-based NTA and time-based household production accounts. We will discuss how to compute the other profiles (transfers and asset-based), but we will most likely not have time to begin those calculations. We will begin with the time-based accounts, so that in the case that time falls short, we have had a chance to introduce the newer material on time use.

Presentations and Materials for the Week

Day 1, Session 1: Welcome and orientation

Day 1, Session 2: Classifying household production activities

Day 2, Session 1: Imputing wages to activities, calculating the TU production age-sex profiles

Day 2, Session 2: Finalizing results, review, sensitivity testing

Day 3, Session 1: Imputing consumption- concepts and a simplified example

Day 3, Session 2: Consumption calculation with real data CORRECTED

Day 4, Session 1: Market-based NTA labor income and consumption by gender

Day 4, Session 2: Brief overview of transfers and asset-based reallocations by gender

Day 5, Session 1: Sharing results and evaluation








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