NTA2020 guidelines

Guidance Notes

Session: The session will include 1 moderator (the organizer), presenters, and up to 2 designated discussants

Organizer: Please contact the members of your session as soon as possible. An email list is provided to find their email address. If there are any problems, please let Sang-Hyop Lee (leesang@hawaii.edu) know immediately to make an adjustment.

The organizer is responsible for recruiting up to 2 discussants. Discussants outside the presenters are recommended, but it is OK to find discussants among the co-authors. Organizer will also serve as the moderator.

Discussants: Each of the discussions will briefly highlight 3-5 key points in relation to the overall topic, corresponding to ALL presentation of the session.

Format: We aim to allow 1 hour for a session with 3 presentations, 75 minutes for 4 papers, and 90 minutes for 5 paper including discussion and Q&A from participants. A rough schedule is as follows: 2 min: Short introductions and brief reflections by the Moderator 10 min for each presenter: PowerPoint presentation (Presenter) 5 -7 min for each discussant: Discussant responses 15-25: Q&A and open discussion 5 min: Conclusions by the Moderator

Uploading files: You should login first. Click upload (e.g.: File: NTA2020 LeeSH[upload]) to upload files. If you have a video that you would like to upload, please send it to Bahram Sanginabadi <bahram@hawaii.edu> who will create a YouTube video and post it on the recently created NTA YouTube channel.

Zoom meeting: The zoom meeting will start automatically by clicking the link which we will send later.

Please contact Sang-Hyop Lee if you have further questions.








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