NTA2020 de Jesus

Global Meeting on Population and the Generational Economy, August 2020

Presentation: Jordana de Jesus, Simone Wajnman, Cassio Turra, Time Tranfer Accounts by types of households and income groups in Brazil


The development of the National Time Transfer Accounts has uncovered different patterns of time transfers by age across the globe. However, intra-age variation may also impact non-market work. In this paper, we look at two dimensions - in addition to age - that may shape the pattern of time transfers by gender in Brazil. The first one is the types of household arrangements, which affect household size, composition, and economies of scale. The second one is the socio-economic context of the households. In an unequal country, we expect that many factors influence the production and consumption of non-market activities by income levels (e.g., labor force participation rates, and the prevalence of home appliances and housekeepers). Our specific goals are to examine (1) the degree of market and non-market specialization by income levels, and (2) the pattern of time transfers by income levels and types of household arrangements in Brazil.

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