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Global Meeting on Population and the Generational Economy, August 2020

Presentation: Nicole Lai, Tim Miller, Gender differences in market and household work over the life cycle: Time-use evidence from 40 countries


"How does the amount of work -- both paid market work and unpaid housework and care work -- vary between men and women over the life cycle? How does gender specialization in market and non-market work vary with level of economic development and population age structure? We want answers to these questions in order to form evidence-based policies on sustainable economic development, human capital investments, social welfare, and gender equality. The large gender differences observed across countries in both the amount and type of work indicate that these differences are subject to policy influence and an important area for research. The existing evidence on both paid and unpaid hours worked across countries has been limited due to lack of harmonized time use data. Our work adds to existing evidence on gender differences in total work and gender specialization in the type of work (market vs household) by using harmonized and nationally representative data on hours of worked for paid market work and unpaid domestic and care work across 40 countries. Our harmonized database is drawn from NTTA, AGENTA, United Nations Statistical Database, and ILO database. "

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