NTA2020 Denisenko

Global Meeting on Population and the Generational Economy, August 2020

Presentation: Mikhail Denisenko, Vladimir Kozlov, NTA transfers in Russia before and within the crisis time. Comparative analysis of the years 2013 and 2016


In our paper we present the results of the National transfer accounts for Russia comparing 2013 and 2016. Between the years 2013 and 2016 the economic decline and the drop in real incomes of the population were observed in Russia. However, the redistribution mechanism in the Russian Federation was active, e.g. for the most vulnerable categories of the population some special social support programs were introduced. Also, we observe the evidence of quite a recent trend of growing consumption at the older ages in 2016 in comparison of the 2013 (the whole trend has started since late 2000-s). The special attention will be paid on the following points:

  • The updated methodology of SNA in Russia (complete implementation of the 2008 SNA), that change a bit our previous estimations of the life circle profile in Russia
  • The differences and similarities between the life circle profiles and the sources for the life-circle deficit support in 2 different years
  • The changes into mainly public and also private redistribution within the observed period and the role of the government in the support of the consumption of the population.

File: NTA2020 Denisenko

Paper: NTA2020 paper Denisenko

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