NTA2020 Coile

Global Meeting on Population and the Generational Economy, August 2020

Presentation: Courtney Coile, Keynote: Longer Lives, Later Retirement? Evidence from Around the World

Courtney Coile is Professor of Economics at Wellesley College. She is a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, where she serves as co-director of the NBER Retirement and Disability Research Center and co-director of the International Social Security project, a collaborative research project involving teams in a dozen countries. Professor Coile is a member of the Committee on Population at the National Academy of Sciences and a member of the Data Monitoring Committee of the Health and Retirement Study. Her research focuses on the economics of aging and health, with particular interests in retirement decisions, health trends, and public programs used by older and disabled populations. She is the author of dozens of articles and book chapters, co-author of Reconsidering Retirement: How Losses and Layoffs Affect Older Workers, and co-editor of the Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World series. Dr. Coile received her PhD in economics from MIT and AB from Harvard University.


Life expectancy at older ages has increased in countries of all income levels around the world. Yet recent increases in work at older ages have been concentrated in high-income countries. We explore factors that may help to explain the differential trends in work at older ages and consider the implications of people working longer – and not – as life expectancy continues to increase.

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