Abstract WP07-03

Mathana Phananiramai. Incorporating Time into the National Transfer Account.

Introduction: During the course of estimating the National Transfer Account which traced monetary flows between persons of different ages through different institutions and methods, several workshops and meetings were organized. One of the issues repeatedly raised at the meetings was the importance of time transfer within household. Similar to monetary transfer that income earned by one person can benefit another person, time used by one person can also benefit another person. Since time is valuable resource, merely looking at monetary transfers may not give the whole picture of intergenerational transfers. This paper therefore tries to incorporate time transfer into the National Transfer Account by exploiting the benefit of the Time Use Survey available in Thailand. The organization of the paper is as follows: the first section gives a brief description of the data and patterns of time use in Thailand. The second section describes a criterion in defining transferable time, explores the age profiles of outflow, inflow and net transfer of time. The third section presents a method of time evaluation and the estimated value of time transfer is compared to the value of monetary transfer estimated in the NTA.

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