2010 Conference Agenda

FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

08:30-09:00 Registration with coffee and pastries
09:00-09:15 Welcoming remarks by Charles Morrison, President of the East-West Center

Session I. What have we learned about population aging and the generational economy?
Chair: Naohiro Ogawa
Keoni Auditorium

09:15-10:00 Key findings from population aging and the generational economy (A. Mason) SS10_S1_Mason
10:00-10:15 Group Picture at the Japanese Garden
10:15-10:45 Coffee break
10:45-11:30 "Fundamental concepts from population aging and the generational economy (R. Lee) SS10_S1_RLee
11:30-12:00 "Shaping social protection in Africa: Update of National Transfer Accounts estimates in five African countries (Mwabu and Soyibo) SS10_S1_African

12:00-01:15 Lunch

01:30-04:30 Session II (concurrent)
03:00-03:30 Coffee Break

Session IIa. Population Aging and the Public Sector
Chair: Paulo Saad
Asia Room

Intra and intergenerational transfers in the Chilean public health system (Holz,and Bravo)SS10_S2a_Chile
Economic effects of population ageing on India's public finance: Evidence and implications based on National Transfer Accounts (Narayana) SS10_S2a_India
Generational and National Transfer Accounting: A review of the long-run fiscal sustainability in Mexico (Mejia-Guevara and Fernandez-Varela) SS10_S2a_Mexico
From Transfers to Capital: Analyzing the Spanish Demand for Wealth using NTA (Patxot, Renteria, Romero, and Souto) SS10_S2a_Spain
Public transfers in Uruguay: 1994 and 2006 (Bucheli, González, and Olivieri) SS10_S2a_Uruguay

Session IIb. Generational Economy in Older Countries
Chair: Luis Rosero-Bixby
Pacific Room

National Transfer Accounts for Australia, 2003-2004 (Rice, Temple, and McDonald) SS10_S2b_Australia
The updated NTA estimates and its policy implication in China (Jiang) SS10_S2b_China
Changing patterns of intergenerational resource allocation in Finland (Riihela, Vaittinen, and Vanne) SS10_S2b_Finland
A first estimate of NTAs for the UK (McCarthy) SS10_S2b_UK
An application of the NTA methodology to South Africa: Some early results (Oosthuizen and Jacobs) SS10_S2b_SAfrica

Session IIc. Generational Economy in Younger Countries
Chair: Adedoyin Soyibo
Keoni Auditorium

Building Indonesian social security (Maliki) SS10_S2c_Indonesia
National Transfer Account for Kenya: A comparative analysis of labour income profiles (Muriithi) SS10_S2c_Kenya
The economic lifecycle: Evidence from Mozambique (Mariano and Chipembe) SS10_S2c_Mozambique
Early results of implementing NTA in Senegal (Dramani)SS10_S2c_Senegal
Changes in public and private medical expenditure in the era of population aging (An and Hwang)SS10_S2c_SKorea


09:00-11:30 Session III (Concurrent)
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break

Session IIIa. Research Frontiers
Chair: Germano Mwabu
Asia Room

The "other" intergenerational transfers: bequests and care of the elderly in Latin America (Rosero-Bixby)SS10_S3a_R_Bixby
Remittance assignment and its impact on old-age reallocation system in Philippine NTA (Salas) SS10_S3a_Salas
Who bears the fiscal burden of public long-term care insurance in Korea? (Chun) SS10_S3a_Chun
US Accounts from bubble to bust: 2003 to 2009 (Donehower) SS10_S3a_Donehower

Session IIIb. Comparative Analyses of the Generational Economy
Chair: M.R. Narayana
Pacific Room

Retirement, pension reform, and lifecycle pension wealth: An international comparison (S.H. Lee) SS10_S3b_SHLee
Differences in consumption, labour income and transfers in East and West Germany (Kluge) SS10_S3b_Kluge
Recent trends in intergenerational co-residence and transfers in Latin America (Saad, Miller, and Pajunen ) SS10_S3b_Saad
Declining fertility, the rising cost of children and the elderly in East Asia countries (Ogawa, Mason, Matsukura, Chawla, and Tung) SS10_S3b_Ogawa

Session IIIc. Extensions of National Transfer Accounts
Chair: Concepcio Patxot
Keoni Auditorium

Stocks from flows: contribution asset and the rate of return in the Hungarian pension system (Gal)SS10_S3c_Gal
Intergenerational transfers for men and women in Sweden 2003: A first look at flows in the formal sectors (Hallberg and Lindh) SS10_S3c_Lindh
The demographic transition and social policy in LAC (Cotlear) SS10_S3c_Cotlear
How costly are children in Taiwan? (Lai and Tung) SS10_S3c_Lai

11:30-01:00 Lunch

Session IV: Advances in Economic Research
Chair: Thomas Lindh
Keoni Auditorium

01:00-01:30 Poverty and inequality in Japan (Ohtake) SS10_S4_Ohtake
01:30-02:00 An Aging Society: Opportunity or challenge for European NTA countries (Sambt, Prskawetz, and Malacic) SS10_S4_Sambt
02:00-02:30 Public transfers from population aging and the generational economy (Bravo and Miller) SS10_S4_Miller

02:30-03:00 Coffee break

Session V: Panel on Bringing research to bear on policy
Chair: Jorge Bravo
Keoni Auditorium

03:00-04:00 Panel:

  • Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan Huong, Director General, Institute of Labour, Science and Social Affairs, Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, Vietnam SS10_S5_Vietnam
  • Mme. Thirakha Chanthalanouvong, Director of Social Statistics Division, Department of Statistics, Lao PDR SS10_S5_Laos
  • Dr. David Cotlear, the World Bank
  • Mr. Jose Miguel Guzman, Chief, Population and Development Branch, UNFPA

Session VI: Business Meeting and Closing
Keoni Auditorium

04:00-04:30 NTA business meeting (next conference, other activities planned, communication project, other ideas and concerns)

04:30-05:00 Closing remarks and announcements. Report by regional leaders

06:30 Reception at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa - Oahu Room








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