NTA Frontiers

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Researchers are expanding the frontiers of NTA research in many directions. Papers presented in Saly described important extensions of the accounts to include wealth accounts and capital transfers. Other papers introduced new models that can be used to track public and private transfers historically and project them into the future. Some papers offer new insights about the links between age structure and economic growth, healthcare spending, and saving, investment, and current accounts.

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  • G.Abío, Concepció Patxot, M.Sánchez-Romero, G.Souto, How public and private transfers evolve along the demographic transition: A general equilibrium approach, NTA11_59
  • Michael Abrigo, Health capital over the lifecycle: Empirical estimates using National Transfer Accounts, NTA11_60
  • Byron Gangnes, Andrew Mason, Saving, investment, and Japan's current account balance, NTA11_61
  • Robert I. Gal, Bernhard Hammer, Lili Vargha, A human capital account, NTA11_62
  • Bernhard Hammer, The ownership of assets and the role of age: Age-specific balance sheets for the Euro-area, NTA11_63
  • Ronald Lee, Some economic impacts of changing population age distributions, NTA11_64
  • Joon Kyung Ha, Sang-Hyop Lee, Population aging, the demographic dividend, and economic growth in Asia, NTA11_65
  • David McCarthy, James Sefton, Miguel Sanchez-Martinez, Katerina Lisenkova, Generational Wealth Accounts, NTA11_66
  • Andrew Mason, Aging and the changing nature of intergenerational flows: Policy challenges and response, NTA11_67
  • David McCarthy, James Sefton, The effect of allowing for bequests in NTA, NTA11_68








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