Social insurance transfers in Poland (Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak)

This paper investigates age profiles of social insurance transfers in Poland. It looks at long-term benefits such as old-age, disability, and survivor pensions and early retirement transfers as well as short-term benefits such as sickness, maternity, and work-injury compensation. The analysis includes changes in these profiles observed between 2004 and 2012 and also age profiles of contribution revenues for the same period. Age profiles are estimated separately for men and women. Estimation of age profiles allows identification of the scale of intergenerational transfers in the public pay-as-you-go scheme as well as selected tax-financed transfers, such as social pensions and pre-retirement benefits and allowances.

By observing changes in these age profiles over time, it is possible to assess the impact of policy changes, such as the reduction in access to early retirement benefits that came into force in 2009. The selected time period makes it possible to see how changing economic conditions and a worsening labor market have affected social insurance contribution flows and the extent to which they cover social insurance benefit expenditure. Age profiles make it possible to identify the impact of policy and socio-economic changes for different gender and age groups. Changes in the age profiles of social insurance benefits allow assessment of how the social insurance system is adapting to population aging and estimation of long-term sustainability, understood as the capacity of the working-age population to fund social-insurance transfers from current contributions.

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