Global Monitoring Report 2015-2016

NTA highlighted in latest WB-IMF Global Monitoring Report

The latest World Bank and International Monetary Fund Global Monitoring Report (GMR) is available here. Jump to Part 2, which focuses on demographic trends and economic development, through this link.

A peek from inside GMR:

An alternative approach to defining the dependent population considers the age span when people do not earn enough to meet their material needs.This approach offers a more accurate measure of the share of the population that needs support to fund their consumption. It is also useful in shaping public policies, because it takes into account public transfers (such as spending on health and education). A new set of economic accounts, called National Transfer Accounts (NTAs), provides comprehensive information about how those at every age acquire and use economic resources to meet their material needs, to provide for the future, and to support others through public and private institutions (Lee and Mason 2011; UN 2013). To date these accounts have been constructed for about 40 countries. (Box 5.1, page 166)
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