13th Global Meeting on Population and the Generational Economy

The 13th Global Meeting on Population and the Generational Economy provides an opportunity for leading experts and policymakers to present and discuss new evidence on how population growth and changing population age structure influence macroeconomic performance, gender and generational equity, public finances, and opportunities for meeting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The conference builds on work by researchers from 70 countries who are members of the National Transfer Accounts Network. The conference is open to members of the NTA Network and others from government agencies, international organizations, public and private research institutions, and universities. The conference will be held at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii from 3-7 August 2020.

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Preliminary Agenda

The opening day of the conference will feature a plenary session that will explore the economic impact of population change, both in aging countries and in developing countries seeking to maximize their demographic dividends. Policymakers, members of non-governmental organizations, and the media are particularly encouraged to attend. Days 2 and 3 will emphasize new research on the generational economy. Days 4 and 5 will include regional meetings, workshops, training on the construction and use of NTA, and poster sessions.

Preliminary Schedule

Monday 3 August: Plenary Sessions

Work around the world

    • Can seniors work more? Should they?
    • Counting women’s work
    • Work, the demographic dividend, and the SDGs

Special session: Aging in Hawaii and the United States

New Developments in Understanding the Generational Economy

    • Inequality
    • Longitudinal analysis
    • Others to be named

Tuesday 4 August: Concurrent sessions (to be named)

Wednesday 5 August: Concurrent sessions (to be named)

Thursday 6 August:

Regional meetings

    • Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting
    • Others pending


    • Analysis/projections of public finances
    • Longitudinal analysis
    • Generational wealth accounts
    • Other innovations

Poster sessions

Friday 7 August:

Regional meetings

    • Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting
    • Others pending

Training workshops

    • Micro-based NTA
    • Analysis of inequality
    • Distributional national accounts
    • Other new directions


National Institute on Aging, William and Flora Hewlett Foundations, United Nations Population Fund (Asia-Pacific Regional Office), others to come.


East-West Center, Honolulu, HI and the Center for the Economics and Demography of Aging (CEDA), University of California at Berkeley.

Additional information

NTA website: www.ntaccounts.org.








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