Parallel Session III

Monday 3 June 2013, 16:45 – 18:30

A. Gender and Time Use II

Chairperson: Gretchen Donehower


Laishram Ladusingh (International Institute for Population Sciences): Gender Differential in Non-Market Household Production in India: A Benchmark Study (presentation Ladusingh)

Marina Zannella and Graziella Caselli (Sapienza University of Rome): Economic Life Cycle and Intergenerational Transfers in Italy: The Gendered Dimension of Production and the Value of Time (presentation Zannella)

Rosario Scandurra and Elisenda Renteria Perez (Universitat de Barcelona): NTTA for Spain (presentation Scandurra)

Namhui Hwang and Sang-Hyop Lee (Korea Institute of Health and Social Affairs and East-West Center and University of Hawaii): Non-Market Labor and Intergenerational Resource Allocation in South Korea (presentation Hwang Lee)

B. Public Sector II: Macroeconomic Issues

Chairperson: Ron Lee


Miguel Sánchez-Romero, Naohiro Ogawa, and Rikiya Matsukura (Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research): Bequest Estimate and Wealth Impact in Japan: Based on a CGE Model with Realistic Demography (work-in-progress (presentation Sanchez-Romero Ogawa Matsukura)

Hippolyte D’Albis, Carole Bonnet, J. Navaux, J. Pelletan, H. Toubon, and Francois-Charles Wolff (Paris School of Economics): Life-Cycle Deficits for France, 1979-2005 (presentation DAlbis)

Haodong Qi and Andy Kin (Center for Economic Demography, Lund University): Real Wage and Labor Supply in a Quasi Life-Cycle Framework: A Macro Compression by Swedish National Transfer Accounts (1985-2003) (presentation Kin)

Ron Lee and Joze Sambt (University of California, Berkeley): Full Generational Accounts: What do We Give to the Next Generation? (presentation Lee Sambt)

C. Public Sector III: Immigration and Other Issues

Chairperson: Ivan Mejía


Ricardo Córdova Macias, Maria Elena Rivera Sarmiento, and Werner Peña (Fundación Dr. Guillermo Manuel Ungo): Gains and Losses from Emigration: A Review of the El Salvador Case from a National Transfer Accounts Perspective (presentation Cordova)

Nicolas Fleury (Center for Studies and Forecasting, Universites de Lille): Heterogeneity in Human Capital Accumulation in France: Second-Generation Migrants and Natives (presentation Fleury)

D. Yildirim (Middle East Technical University): Interest Rate Pass-Through to Turkish Lending Rates: A Threshold Cointegration Analysis

Marisa Bucheli, Ivan Mejía-Guevara, and Cecilia González, (UdelaR): An Assessment of the Benefits and Costs of Emigration in Mexico and Uruguay (presentation Bucheli)








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