Luis Rosero-Bixby, Ivan Mejia-Guevara, Pamela Jimenez-Fontana, Liliana Roldan-Molina, (By video) NTA by SES in Latin America: Progress, Issues, Outlook.

One of the most important initiative in National Transfer Accounts is to improve our understanding of how the economic support system varies depending on income level or socio-economic status. The video presentation by Luis Rosero-Bixby shown above describes important work in Latin America. NTA is also ideally suited to look at generational equity. Several of the papers presented at the NTA conference, including some in the Frontiers theme area, are concerned with these issues.

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  • Gabriela Ahumada, Domingo Pozo, Tim Miller, Paulo Saad, Consumption inequality in Chile, 2012, NTA11_32
  • Xavier Chojnicki, Julien Navaux, Lionel Ragot, The impact of pension reforms on intergenerational equity in France, NTA11_33
  • Latif Dramani, Inclusive growth and productivity in Senegal, NTA11_34
  • Hippolyte d’Albis, Carole Bonnet, Julien Navaux, Jacques Pelletan, François‐Charles Wolff, Comparing generations using NTA: Insights from French age profiles, 1979-2011, NTA11_35
  • Barthelemy Biao, Idossou Jean-Baptiste Oga, Dètondji Camille Guidime, Income inequality by age group in Benin in 2011: An approach from National Transfer Accounts, NTA11_36a
  • Tanja Istenič, Ana Šeme, Janez Malačič, Aleša Lotrič Dolinar, Jože Sambt, The economic life cycle and its financing among different socio-economic groups: NTA Results decomposed by gender, level of education, and country of birth, NTA11_37
  • Tanja Istenič, Ana Šeme, Irena Ograjenšek, Jože Sambt, Is there a relation between welfare and inter-age reallocation regimes? Results of the National Transfer Accounts for the EU countries, NTA11_38a
  • Nicole Mun Sim Lai, Luis Rosero-Bixby, Generational Accounts for Ecuador, NTA11_39
  • Piotr Lewandowski, Wojciech Hardy, Roma Keister, Routine and aging? Intergenerational divide in the task composition of jobs in Europe, NTA11_40
  • David McCarthy, James Sefton, Miguel Sanchez-Martinez, Katerina Lisenkova with Ron Lee, Joze Sambt, Generational wealth accounts, NTA11_41
  • Luis Rosero-Bixby, Ivan Mejia-Guevara, Pamela Jimenez-Fontana, Liliana Roldan-Molina, (by video) NTA by socio-economic status (SES) in Latin America: Progress, issues, outlook, (See video above)








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