Demographic Dividend

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The Demographic Dividend was the subject of considerable attention at NTA11Senegal given the considerable interest in the DD in Africa. Most of the presentations emphasized the use of NTA to quantify the first and second demographic dividend and to explore options for enhancing the impact of the Dividend on development prospects. Some presentations used alternative tools, such as, the DemDiv Model to address similar issues.

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  • Ignacio Apella, Economic growth in a context of demographic transition: The case of Uruguay, NTA11_1
  • Barthelemy Biao, I.J-B Oga, D.C. Guidime, Demographic transition and economic growth in Benin: A comparative analysis 2007-2010, NTA11_2a
  • Lucilla Maria Bruni, Jamele Rigolini, Sara Troiano, Forever young? Preparing social sectors for a changing population in Southern Africa, NTA11_3
  • Mamadou Bousso, Latif Dramani, Modelling the demographic dividend based on complexity, NTA11_4
  • Latif Dramani, Edem Akpo, Impact of the demographic dividend on economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, NTA11_5a
  • Terefe Degefa, Harnessing the demographic dividend in Ethiopia: The duration, opportunities, and challenges, NTA11_10a
  • Latif Dramani, Demographic dividend: Impact on growth in Senegal, NTA11_6
  • Michele Gragnolati, Humberto Cossa, Ana Milena Rivera, Sara Troiano, Searching for the demographic dividend in Mozambique: An urgent policy agenda, NTA11_7
  • Oumy Laye, Jean Baptiste Oga, Disparity according to area of residence and demographic dividend in Senegal, NTA11_9
  • A.O. Lawanson, A. Soyibo, O. Olaniyan, N. Olasehinde, Public health and education in Nigeria: How much is for the benefit of children?, NTA11_11a
  • Scott Moreland, Bernice Kuang, Kaja Jurczynska, Elizabeth Leahy Madsen, Modeling the demographic dividend: DemDiv, NTA11_12
  • Idossou Jean-Babtiste Oga, Barthelemy Biao, Detondji Camille Guidime, Capitalizing on the demographic dividend in Benin, NTA11_13
  • Olanrewaju Olaniyan, Adedoyin Soyibo, Akanni O. Lawanson, Noah Olasehinde, Is the demographic dividend being wasted? Differential prospects by geopolitical zones in Nigeria, NTA11_16
  • Muhammad Moshiur Rahman, Bazlul Khondker, Will Bangladesh miss out on the first demographic dividend?, NTA11_8
  • Elisenda Rentería, Guadalupe Souto, Ivan Mejía-Guevara, C.Patxot, Introducing education in the demographic dividend: The case of Mexico and Spain, NTA11_14
  • J.M. Ian Salas, Michael R.M. Abrigo, R.H, Racelis, A.N. Herrin, Is there evidence of a quantity-quality tradeoff using subnational NTA estimates from the Philippines?, NTA11_17
  • Lili Vargha, Gretchen Donehower, The quantity-quality tradeoff: A cross-country comparison of market and nonmarket investments per child in relation to fertility, NTA11_18








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